New projects, how fun!

New projects are coming! Mark your calendar, one of them starts February 1st!

Il y a de nouveaux projets à l'horizon! Marquez votre calendrier, un de ceux-ci débutera le 1er février!

New Year, new adventures!

But first, there's always that little bug that gets you before you start! haha Hey guys! Hope you all had a wonderful time during the Holidays. Great food, great laughs, great hugs! It is time to get back to the real work and start these awesome projects that I have on the table for you. So keep following and happy creating!

Oh Calgary, I'm coming to you in April!

As I was saying, 2017 is looking pretty good already! Just got off the waiting list and into the Calgary Expo show! Took a few years but with patience, dreams come true! :) April will definitely be a busy month! Two conventions, two week-ends in a row! But I'm so glad to be travelling and looking forward to this show! See you soon Calgary! :D

ECCC and C2E2 here I come!

Got accepted to ECCC and C2E2 for the coming year! This is quite exiting for me. First time in the big US! I can't wait to be there and hope to see you guys there! What a nice year 2017 is going to be!

Ottawa Comiccon - Holiday Edition 2016

This one was quite a surprise! Again, Ottawa, you rock! As the Holidays were approaching, I wasn't sure if I should do this one. Sure glad I did! So many of you came and how fun it was to see you all! :) I will be coming back next year! <3 p="">

Fan Expo 2016

How exhausted I was when I got back home! Toronto was so exiting! Big hugs to all who came to see us :D

Montreal Comiccon 2016

Montreal Comiccon was to big this year! I don't know if the rain had a part in it but wow! Quite the turn-out! Loved to meet all the fans (new and old). Gotta love Montreal!

Ottawa Comiccon 2016 was a blast!

Always a pleasure to go to Ottawa! The costumes were quite beautiful this year, I have to say. :)

Ottawa Geek Market

Merci Ottawa! Ce fut une très belle fin de semaine :)

Thank you Ottawa! What a great week-end!